Ajankohtaista Foorumit Tapahtumat VIHREET LINJAT 10V with DJ VADIM (RU) – 6.11.2015 @ TORVI (LTI)

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    “I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them.” Elizabeth Taylor As with fine delicacies which improve with age, such as whisky, wine and cheese, DJ Vadim has been tenaciously and soulfully fermenting his global musical elixir for over 20 years and is now well and truly a unique vintage. Russian born and London residing, DJ Vadim has built a reputation as one of the world’s top independent producers; travelling the globe, performing and collaborating with established and developing talents that cross continents, languages and cultures. Dubbed as the “John Coltrane of hip hop”, Vadim has become well respected as an innovator in a number of areas during his career, “a veteran presence in the DJ community as well as one of the foremost producers in too many communities to count, Vadim is never running out of ideas” (URB Magazine). He has been described as “one of the few artists creating genuinely new work in the hip hop field” and an artist “who cannot be ignored”.
    “Known for mad skillz, complete versatility and a winning smile, he is a true mixologist and is cutting edge across hip hop, soul, funk, grime, reggae, dub, and bass. We’ve been banging his mix albums since the mid 90’s. The guy is a legend” LSM 2012 In 1994, Vadim founded his own independent record label, Jazz Fudge. The following year he was signed to Ninja Tune and promptly introduced to the world by John Peel and Gilles Peterson. So begun Vadim’s adventure which has seen him tour across 77 countries, 6 continents and perform over 3000 times. A prolific DJ & Producer, Vadim is an evolutionist in sound, constantly pushing boundaries and collaborating creating fresh, unique global beats and sounds, so to actually pinpoint exactly what Vadim sounds like is not so easy. There are many producers that you can pin to simply tech house, glitch or reggae but Vadim connects quite a few dots which are forever expanding with time. Whatever the genre, his sounds are rooted in percussive rhythms, big basslines, soulful and organically heartfelt flavours. From hip hop to house, electronic to reggae from Africa to the world whatever it’s called Vadim is here bump the party. Vadim doesn’t come alone. He has produced for Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Wretch 32, Foreign Beggars, Prince, Aaron Jerome (SBTRKT),The Cure, Corine Bailey Ray, Bassnector and of course the long standing relationship with Fat Freddy’s drop with whom Vadim has collaborated with extensively remixing their back catalogue and being tour DJ. With performances at some of the world’s most prestigious events from Sonar, Glastonbury, Big Chill, V fest, Fuji Rock, Roskilde, Exit, Vinarock, Notting Hill Carnival….to describe the man as an internationalist almost seems to sell him short. Running his own record label, Jazz Fudge in 1994 before the advent of indie music… it hasn’t all been plain sailing, however, in 1999, the US broadcast commission (FCC) decided absurdly enough that a pro women empowerment record (your revolution) was too ‘crude’ for radio whilst allowing countless records that promoted negativity to be accepted. The decision ended up in court several years later under appeal with several leading Ivy league English professors coming to the defense of freedom of speech, freedom of expression and to argue the double standards of the ban and fine. Not content with taking the US broadcast authorities to court, In 2007. Vadim was diagnosed with a very rare eye cancer. Fortunately for us, it wasn’t his time as he had more music to make and more shows to play Awards speak loudly and Vadim is a Latin Grammy nominee (2002 7N7C), BBC Channel 4 new music winner (2005 ONESELF), alongside winning many other prizes for best album artwork (Sony Awards 1999, 2005), International DJ Of The Year (Australia 2003), Mixcloud Mix Of The Year and DJ of the year (2010 and 2011)…. An underground artist who has caught the attention of the corporate world too, producing music for Adidas, Red Bull, Bacardi, Absolut Vodka, Nokia, Sin City, Grand Theft Auto and MTV. 11 solo albums, 5 mix CDs, 7 group albums, countless mix CDs and remixes to date… you can be sure of one thing, when Vadim first heard the phrase “Don’t sleep”, he obviously took it literally!. It would be easy to sit back and rest on his laurels, but one look at Vadim’s discography will show you that he is an innovator who revels in challenges, living on the frontline; creating beats of the future well before they have even been made into genres. So, what does the future hold? Not content with being uber busy, Vadim has taken it upon himself to film and direct music video’s as well as having a very keen eye as a budding photographer. Music aside, there is even word of a possible pop up restaurant and bar. If the music is anything to go by, it will be very fine tasting indeed. “Some men see things as they are and ask why others dream of things that never were and ask why not” Bernard Shaw


    Davo is a Finnish rap artist. He has also used the names of Davo Isotaaki, Davo Ukki and Celes. Davo was a member of the MC Taakibörsta ensemble as well as a group called the Tundra, which is also affected by Asa, Setä Koponen and the Swedish Ken Ring. He’s current music project is the band No Smoking Team. In the 1990s Davo visited in many different publications. His English language made by freestyle songs were heard as published by the Mixtape of DJ Anonymous “Baby I Like It Raw”, “Hip Hop Is Living” and “Keeping Crates Stacked 1997”. His song “DLO Logic Pt.1” was included in 1996 published Rap Inside – collection. Track production corresponded to the DJ Anonymous. In 1998 Davo recorded with Pablo song called “Mäntäkenraalit”, which produced Didier Selin. Davo has visited example Asa, Stig Dogg, Nuera, Petri Nygård, Kaucas and Tommi H discs. He has also done the beats for example Asa´s albums. Davo has also served as Redrama gig as a DJ. Newest Davo´s release has a number of Finnish rap legends contained avoid a journal “Monelt ne tulee II”, in which he consulted the section “Jatkuu jatkuu”.



    Drum&Bass production duo from Southern Finland. Deep dark vibes with techy and neuro flavours. Cycle duo Toni Lamberg and Antti Huurinainen have played and produced music from half 90´s and gert together with drum&bass productions at 2015. Both have produced D&B a while and have released material on labels and witch have payed on gigs by dj´s and on radioshows. Cycles first EP Human Equals is out August at San Fransisco based D&B label Schedule One Recordings and more releases to come on september on Brainshakaz records so watch out! Check out Cycle vibes on Soundcloud, Facebook and You Tube.


    Kunkku is a dj/producer hailing from Lahti, Finland. A true one man dj/mc/producer/party organizer, he’s been a known face in Finnish hiphop and electronic music scene for over 15 years. Known for his many aliases and styles of music, this time it’s time to bring out the most smoked out and groovy stuff to set the mood for a truly legendary night. First in Lahti we’ll be getting a full dosage of jungle and drum’n’bass so be prepared to dance and sweat like a mother. In Helsinki things slow down for a head nodding opening set with known classics and obscure gems.


    Papa Chilly alias Aki Rujala started djing in the late 90’s by playing all kinds of music like reggae, triphop, hiphop, dub, dnb and electronic music. He’s been actively performing all across Finland since 2004, and organizing events in his hometown Lahti since 2000 and since 2013 also in Helsinki. He is a founding member of the group Savusound and Riddims Club. Papa plays a selection of reggae, dub and dubstep, not forgetting ragga jungle, drum & bass and exclusive dubplates. His sets are versatile and guaranteed to make you move your feet.


    Who wants to play warm-up set?
    This contest is for dj’s, mc’s & singers @ Finland.
    Record 20-40 minutes your music or dj mixtape and share it the event wall or send it to savusound@gmail.com before 10.10.2015.
    The event participants will vote who gets to play. Vihreet Linjat crew publish the winner before end of october.
    We offer travel to the winner. Best of luck and keep those mixtapes coming!



    FRIDAY 6.11.2015 @ TORVI
    SHOWTIME: 21:00-04:00
    TICKETS: 10€

    Naturally Good Vibes!



    Vielä ehtii osallistumaan artistikilpailuun!

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