Ajankohtaista Foorumit Tapahtumat ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 1.7.2015@Roskilde (DK)

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    ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 1.7.2015@Roskilde (DK)
    Kirjoitti: rockkukko
    Päiväys: 10.02. 14.59

    Kirjoitti: rockkukko
    Päiväys: 10.02. 14.49

    Ens heinäkuun Roskilde festarilla Tanskassa esiintymässä mm:

    BARRINGTO LEVY (Jamaica)-Original dancehall and reggae star

    “He has performed in the Jamaican dancehalls since the genre was young and he himself was only 14. For over four decades, Barrington Levy has tempered the sound waves with his rocking reggae and dancehall.

    Even though he has now turned 50, he has managed to preserve some youthfulness in his music. Throughout his long career he has done numerous collaborations with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Beenie Man, and he has played with other genres such as jungle and techno.

    The dancehall genre is all over the place today. Look forward to a meeting with one of the groovy giants that has helped popularise the genre.”

    BARETO (Peru)

    “These Peruvians are an adventurous bunch. They started out fusing reggae and ska with Latin beats before their love for Peruvian cumbia (or chicha) overtook all else.

    Today Bareto is the flagship of an emerging alternative music movement in Peru, which they themselves have dubbed latino alternativo.

    The seven-piece has been working its way up for 10 years. With three albums under their belt, they have won over the music lovers in their home country. Their 2012 album Ves Lo Que Quieres Ver earned them a Latin Grammy nomination. Now the rest of the world has started paying attention.

    Bareto has toured the US, Brazil and Japan – and wherever they go, they spread their socially indignant messages set to danceable rhythms. On stage they are a bounding and grooving piece armed with guitars, drums, percussion, keys and winds. They will make the summery Roskilde Festival even hotter!”

    Roskilde festarilipun sisältävä matkapaketti myös hotellimajoituksella löytyy: http://matkailu.elmu.fi/roskilde-festival

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