Ajankohtaista Foorumit Tapahtumat REGGAEMATIC: DREADLOCK TALES MEETS TREE OF DUB – 14.2.2015 @ PIKKU-TORRE (TKU)

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    Dreadlock Tales is a DUB project by Kimmo Tyni. Founded in 1999. Producing uptempo and downtempo beats. “DLT” has Performed in 10 different countries since 2004 and opened the stage in Finland for projects like Zion Train & Channel One Soundsystem among others. The uptempo debut album “SynchroniCity” was released 2007 on Cosmic Theatre Records. 2012 GreenTree and Dubmission Records invited Dreadlock Tales to participate on the “Cultivation” and “The Next Mission Part 2” compilations. “From the Earth EP” was released 2013 via Mean Seed Records. The 2nd full length downtempo album “Gravity Equals Love” was released through GreenTree Records 2013. All the uptempo single and compilation releases between 2010-2014 where combined as a mixtape in the end of 2014.

    Tree Of Dub is one of the founder members of the Healing Of The Nation Soundsystem and he has a long history in mixing numerous artists and making his own music.
    Together with Dreadlock Tales they released a split 7″ in november of 2014: The Dreadlock Tales Meets Tree of Dub – Seeker / Seeker dub.

    Resident selector Dr.Ed Lion takes care of the vinyl selection in the beginning of the evening.

    Stepping shoes are recommendable.







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