Ajankohtaista Foorumit Tapahtumat FRWRD: DUB SMUGGLERS [UK], DEXTROUS [UK], DREADLOCK TALES & IVAH SOUND – 28.11.2015 @ Y31 (HKI)

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    FRWRD – a sound system club brought to you by Ivah Sound, made for passionate bass music and sound system lovers. With influences from the sound system cultures of Jamaica and the United Kingdom they combine music with a heavyweight sound. FRWRD brings the party to a crowd hungry for mesmerizing experiences with performers both from Finland and abroad.

    After almost a year it is time for sound system culture to go FRWRD again! With a new venue, we are bringing sound system culture into the center of Helsinki. Forum will vibrate as we put up the sound in Y31! As our special guests we have Dub Smugglers from Manchester, coming in with exclusive dubplates and uplifting vibrations and for the later hours we have DJ Dextrous, an original jungle veteran from the UK who literally put the ragga in jungle. To warm up the night Dreadlock Tales will provide a special live dub set and we from Ivah Sound will complete the night with the best of roots and steppa!


    Dub Smugglers Sound System have already become one of the most popular Reggae and Dub acts in Manchester and is continuing to snowball at a staggering rate.
    After performing on the Mungos Hifi Boat Party and various stages at Outlook 2011, Dub Smugglers were rebooked for Outlook 2012 (and then 2013), recorded tracks with Super Four (Trojan Sound System) & Kuntri Ranks (Extra Love) and continued to perform alongside the finest names in Dub and Reggae including: Channel One, Mungos Hifi, Trojan Sound System, Iration Steppas and Tippa Irie.

    King Of The Jungle Records/Suburban Bass/Saxxon Records

    Dextrous has been producing and DJing for over 2 decades. Starting in the late ‘80s, he cut his teeth making Hardcore / Jungle as it was then known. His first release in 1992 entitled Ruffneck Bizznizz was on Ruff Quality Recordings. He moved on to start his own label King of the Jungle Records in 1993, enjoying success with his then partner Rude Boy Keith, travelling around the globe. As King of the Jungle was already establishing a particular sound Dextrous started another label where he could concentrate on his own projects. This was the birth of Subliminal Records, (which in December 1994 became Subversive Recordings)

    By late 1994 Dextrous hooked up with Phaze 3 and Klass A whom he met on London pirate station Kool FM. They formed under the name Solid State – State of the Art Recordings, as a vehicle to release music that wasn’t confined to the ubiquitous styles that club DJs were Solid State became known as the one of the pioneers of Drum & Bass Funk Fusion and paved the way for more musical producers such as Calibre and High Contrast, amongst others.
    DJing has taken him all around the world, as well as many locations in his native U.K.


    Dreadlock Tales is a Helsinki based Dub project founded and operated by Kimmo Tyni since 1999. Performing only with original Dreadlock Tales music, he’s looking FRWRD to finally test the dubs on the beloved Ivah Sound System. From this camp you can next expect a 7″ vinyl with Tree of Dub and Finland based Senegalese Singer Meissa Niang, coming in with a dub on the B-side of course. Did I already mention dub?


    For five years Ivah Sound have spread Sound System Culture in Finland. They have designed and constructed their own heavyweight Sound System: a powerful set of speakers specifically designed for the music Ivah Sound loves, with bass heavy subs, punchy kicks, crisp mids and highs. Their selection is always versatile , ranging from from reggae, dub, and steppas all way into jungle and drum and bass. The frequencies that their sound system delivers focuses especially on the low end bass, and provides the audience a warm and fulfilling sound unheard in most club PA’s. The collective have arranged and played in both large and small events all over Finland and several other countries around Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.


    Sat 28.11.2015 | 21-04 | Door 15€
    Presale Tickets 12€ + service fee
    Teatteri Forum, Y31 | k18




    Get your presale tickets now from http://www.lippupalvelu.fi/event/166905

    Only 10,50€ (+2,50€)



    Get your presale tickets now from http://www.lippupalvelu.fi/event/166905

    Only 10,50€ (+2,50€)



    As always we will string up our full sound system at this FRWRD session. We have been doing some improvements since last year, and we are even constructing some new boxes for this one. The sound system is specially designed for the music we love, bass heavy with a punchy kick and crisp mids & highs. Come and experience bass music and sound system culture.




    With less than one week to this session we decided to add a addition to our lineup! Vj SSuvereeni will come and provide visual niceness making this FRWRD a true audio-visual experience for all your senses!

    Tickets: http://bit.ly/FRWRD6TICKET

    Fb Event: http://bit.ly/FRWRD06



    After almost a year FRWRD is back in a new venue in the center of Helsinki, Y31!
    The session starts at 21:00 with Ivah Sound selecting tunes, after that Dreadlocks Tales will step up to the control tower with his special live set at 23:00. Ivah Sound will then make a special dubplate set to get you all in the right mood for Dub Smugglers, and in the late hours Dextrous will showcase the best of dub and jungle from old to new! There are still presale tickets available at http://bit.ly/FRWRD6TICKET
    Arrive early for maximum enjoyment.


    21:00 – Ivah Sound
    23:00 – Dreadlock Tales
    00:00 – Ivah Sound (dubplate set)
    00:30 – Dub Smugglers [UK]
    02:00 – Dextrous [UK]

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